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Since Tāmaki Vaccination Centre’s expansion, we have established the Whānau Engagement Hub.


Based at Tāmaki Hub, the Engagement Hub team support a range of Toi Ora initiatives.


Primarily, the team provides kai support for whānau isolating with COVID-19 (Auckland based) . They work alongside NIB by helping whānau navigate the Toi Ora Policy and also provide administrative support to Ōrākei Health Services.



If you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 and require KAI support during isolation, please get in contact with the Engagement Hub. If you require CLINICAL support during COVID-19 Isolation or have any concerns regarding yours or a household members health, the Whītiki Whātua team can assist you. To get in contact with them, call the Engagement Hub who will then pass your case directly onto our clinical team.

The Whānau Engagement Hub line is open:
Monday-Sunday | 8AM-4:30PM

0800 934 688 (0800 WE GOT THIS)

While we still maintain a focus on providing COVID-19 support (testing, vaccination and isolation assistance), we now provide a range of vaccinations and are continuing to expand our health services and initiatives. Vaccinations provided at Tāmaki Hub: • COVID-19 (Pfizer and Novavax) • Flu vax – see eligibility​ • Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) – see eligibility • Boostrix (Tetanus, Whooping Cough and Diphtheria) – see eligibility • Gardasil (Human Papillomavirus -HPV)- see eligibility



Testing Provided at Tāmaki Hub:

  • COVID-19 Testing- Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs)

  • Hepatitis C- see eligibility

Tāmaki Hub is now the distribution centre of the Māori Food Network (MFN). On behalf of Te Taumata Kōrero, our distribution centre packs and distributes TAHU boxes to Māori Food Network (MFN) partners for distribution into the community. In addition, our Engagement Hub Team distributes TAHU boxes to whānau isolating with COVID-19. The name ‘TAHU’ was given to these kai boxes by our Distribution Team. A double entendre, Tahu is both the name of the Atua of Feasts and serves as an acronym of Tāmaki Hub. If you have received a TAHU box from us or another MFN partner and would like to give us feedback or see changes made, please complete this survey -

Māori Food Network Distribution Centre



0800 934 688

(0800 WE GOT THIS)



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