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Arohamai, enrolments are closed

Enrolments Closed - 15 September 2023

As of Friday 15th September, Ōrākei Health Services, for the time being, will not be accepting any new enrolments.

Arohamai for any inconveniences.  We will update our website accordingly with any changes to this.


New Enrolments Process
New Patients 

Once a NEW enrolment is confirmed and medical records from the previous practice have been received, our friendly Reception team will make contact to schedule a consultation (up to 1 Hour in duration) at a time that best suits you. 

A NEW Patient consult with the Nurse will take up to 30 minutes - You will go through a basic health check & screening.


NEW Patient's will then proceed to a consultation with a Doctor up to 30 minutes in duration - To discuss any immediate needs and your overall health & well being.

If all of your concerns as a NEW Patient are not discussed by the end of your consult with the Doctor, you are welcome to speak with our Reception team. At your request, they can schedule another consult with the Doctor at the next available time that best suits you to discuss your needs further.

Enrolment Requirements

You must provide proof of identification. We accept New Zealand birth certificates and/or your current passport.


If you are not a New Zealand citizen, you are required to produce a 2 year working visa & proof of Identification.

Health Information Privacy Statement

To ensure sound understanding of your health records and information, please ensure you have read and acknowledged the Use of Health Information Privacy Statement.

Enrolments Closed

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Closed Weekends

& Public Holidays


Eastridge Shopping Centre

 25/215 Kepa Rd, Mission Bay

09 578 0956

Fees Increase

Ōrākei Health fees are changing from1st May 2023.

Click here to find out more 

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